Bisa Mobile Health

Bisa means “ask” in the Ghanaian Twi language. It is a mobile application that allows users with an Android ,iphone or Windows phone to directly interact with medical practitioners without being physically present at the hospital. This is an advantage to people who need medical care and advice but are not able to visit the hospital for various reasons like poverty , long queues at the hospital , the fear of stigmatization, especially for people who have symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) makes them embarrassed to seek the needed treatment. As a result of these reasons and others, there is a gap in the healthcare system where some people are not able to easily seek medical help when needed.

Bisa Health Application aims to be the pioneer of telemedicine in Africa on two major fronts; firstly in information dissemination with regards to disease prevention and control and secondly, in connecting patients to doctors through the use of technology. Over 11,000 people died during the ebola crisis of 2014 because of late detection and lack of information for the doctors to adequately deal with and control the spread of the disease. 

Our Impact

Bisa Health Application has been downloaded over 92,352 times across all mobile platforms (android, ios, windows and free basics) and our volunteer doctors have answered over 152,000 questions from the public with an average response rate of 24 hours. Questions range from simple everyday health myths to serious health challenges including respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, sexual reproductive and psychological health problems. Over 86% questions asked on our platform are sexual reproductive health related questions and over 39% of our user base are female.

Bisa Senegal

Bisa Health Application is now available in french. We just opened our french headquarters in Dakar, Senegal. Senegal has an estimated population of 13 million. The country needs more doctors and health personnel, particularly general practitioners, gynaecologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, and cardiologists. Bisa's aim is to increase access to doctors and health information. We have setup a call center which allows the public to call a toll free number to speak to a doctor or healthcare practitioner.

We have made great progress in providing quality essential health care services to young people and underserved communities using technology. We believe Health is a fundamental human right and a key indicator of sustainable development.

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