Bisa collaborated with YOU STIFTUNG-BILDUNG FUER KINDER IN NOT, a German-based foundation together with the  Ministry of Health and Social Action Senegal to launch the French version of the Bisa application in July, 2019.  Senegal has an estimated population of 13 million. 

Bisa’s aim in Senegal is to increase access to doctors and health information. The application provides healthcare information and access to doctors to the Senegalese population. The Bisa Senegal team have been promoting the application in schools, on the radio and meeting women groups to get them to download and utilize the Bisa app. This project was funded by the Bayer Care Foundation.

Bisa Health application partnered YOU Foundation in 2019 to launch the Bisa Senegal Application, a French version of Bisa in Senegal. Bisa aims to provide the Senegalese population with easy access to high-quality health care advice, particularly to those who may not usually seek it, such as the poor, young women, and those living in rural areas via a mobile phone application. The two-year pilot project has come to an end. We were able to reach over 20,000 directly through the application and social media pages and on the ground with the Bisa Senegal application. Over 12,000 people have used Bisa to ask for our doctors’ healthcare information over the 12 month period. Over 800 COVID-19 related questions have been asked. This project was funded by the Bayer Care Foundation.