The Bisa Health Application (Bisa) was developed as a solution to the identified gap in the healthcare system – to address the disparity in access to healthcare using modern technology thus allowing patients to obtain medical help cheaply and easily when needed. Our develoPPP project in which we collaborate with the Ghana Health Service aims to help close the gap in the health care sector in Ghana and reduce the congestion encountered during the upsurge of COVID-19 cases in Ghana. The app currently serves as an opportunity for users to receive health information on the COVID-19 pandemic, how to respond to any COVID-19 case in their close circle, check their symptoms and receive expert advice. The Bisa health application currently serves as a platform for the Ghana Infectious Disease Center (Ga East District Hospital) to follow up on COVID-19 patients being treated at home and provide psychological support to survivors and health workers.

The Bisa App, through this project, will qualify to be one of the main information gates for the Ghana Health Service in the future because of its multi-layered functionality, easy access for both, the public and the involved authorities and the possibility to adapt to different and urgent situations. This partnership has seen over 3165 people use the Bisa application to seek medical help from doctors on COVID-19 and other health-related issues.

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