Bisa signed a memorandum of Agreement with the Senegalese Ministry of Health & Social Action for the purpose of deploying BISA FRANCAIS. It was signed on the 4th of July 2019 in the premises of the Ministry of Health in Dakar. The signing ceremony took place for an hour in the main conference room of the Ministry of Health. Staff from the ministry were present as well as representatives from the Ministry of Health, Guinea Conakry, the Bisa Senegal team as well as the developer of the application, Mr. Raindolf Owusu. The welcome and opening note was delivered by the Minister of Health of Senegal. Mr. Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr was glad at the unprecedented impact that this application will have on the health of the population. There have been endless efforts from public authorities in this direction but gaps still exist. Bisa has come at an appointed time to reduce these gaps and connect patients to the medical corps.

This address paved the way for a presentation on the application by Mr. Owusu who gave the historical background of Bisa which started in Ghana and allows for a more valuable use of the strong presence of smartphones among Africans. Bisa Francais is a tool which can reduce waiting times in hospitals and reassure young people who fear stigmatisation due to STI related problems they encounter.
The next speech, delivered by Mrs. Claudia Jerger, fell within the direction. She reiterated the availability of the Senegalese administration which did its best to make this project a reality and that, in the highest level of the State with the involvement of the President of the Republic, Mr. Macky Sall.

The last words were from the Minister who congratulated Bisa for being a platform put together by young Africans to come to the aid of their fellow Africans, knowing that the youth and the population living in rural areas suffer the most from lack of proximity to specialist doctors. The ceremony closed with the signing of the MOU as well as photo and interview sessions.

Bisa is currently available online and on all smartphones.

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