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A 2019 study found that 81.4% of the Ghanaian population had access to primary healthcare. Despite these relatively high rate of accessibility, approximately 30% of the population has to travel far to access primary facilities or see a specialist.

"Bisa" means Ask.

Bisa which means ask in the Ghanaian language twi is a mobile platform that allows the public access to doctors and other healthcare practitioners using their mobile devices (both smart and non-smart phones). This is an advantage to people who need medical care and advice but are not able to visit the hospital for various reasons such as poverty, delays because of long queues at the hospital and the fear of stigmatization, especially for people who have symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), which makes them embarrassed to seek the needed treatment.

Vision & Mission.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform healthcare delivery in Ghana and across the African region through technology, and actively promote the Sustainable Development Goal 3 agenda. Bisa aspires to change the face of Ghana's healthcare reporting system in the upcoming years by promoting digital disease reporting and surveillance systems, and seeks to pioneer telemedicine in Africa on two major fronts; firstly in providing patients access to doctors through the use of technology, and secondly in information dissemination regarding disease prevention and control.

Our Mission

The Bisa Health Application was created as a response to a gap in Ghana’s healthcare system. Our goal is to use modern technology to address disparities in access to healthcare, by enabling patients to obtain medical help easily and affordably. The app provides an interactive platform where patients have the access to qualified doctors for health consultations from the comfort of their homes, the access to online diagnoses and prescriptions, and essential health information through a mobile app.

Our Impact

Bisa has answered over 42,000 patient inquiries in the last three years and currently has 10,540 active users who can communicate with medical practitioners without having to physically meet with them. Its health information sharing platform has allowed the general public to receive health education, as well as persons living with HIV/AIDS to easily access counselling, treatment for STDs, and HIV-related illnesses, all without discrimination or stigma. BISA has also played an important part in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ghana, through it’s platform for following up on Covid-19 patients and providing psychological assistance to survivors and health workers.

Addressing the disparity in the healthcare system.

Bisa Health Application aims to be the pioneer of telemedicine in Africa on two major fronts; firstly in information dissemination with regards to disease prevention and control and secondly, in connecting patients to doctors through the use of technology. Over 11,000 people died during the ebola crisis of 2014 because of late detection and lack of information for the doctors to adequately deal with and control the spread of the disease.

Using the data gathered on the Bisa Health platform, whilst adhering to doctor – patient confidentiality, health experts will be able to detect outbreaks of diseases at an early stage and decision makers can also implement health policies that will improve healthcare delivery to people and communities. Bisa is a social enterprise to help drive the public healthcare delivery agenda in Ghana and Senegal.

Download the BISA mobile application.

Bisa is available on the Google playstore and the Apple appstore for free download. Download today and speak to a doctor about your ailment, get free health tips on all diseases, pregnancies, allergies all for free.