About Us

Bisa is a telemedicine mobile health platform that connects patients with doctors in a timely manner, eliminating the need for long and costly journeys to hospitals. Bisa also creates a safe space for young people to discuss sexual reproductive and mental health.

The Problem

A 2019 study found that 81.4% of the Ghanaian population had access to primary healthcare. Despite these relatively high rate of accessibility, approximately 30% of the population has to travel far to access primary facilities or see a specialist
Bisa aims to bridge the gap in healthcare access by using technology. Ghana’s telehealth provision comparatively has been underdeveloped due insufficient scalability of a real-time eHealth product accessible by anybody. This adds to the pressure of people constantly visiting healthcare facilities for issues requiring frequent management by healthcare providers. Secondly, delayed health services, insufficient consultation time with a doctor and poor care for patients requiring frequent management by healthcare providers. Thirdly, lack of incorporation of e-Health innovations for health information communication/ health education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform healthcare delivery in Ghana and across the African region through technology, actively promoting the Sustainable Development Goal 3 agenda. Bisa aspires to change the face of Ghana’s healthcare reporting system in the upcoming years, and seeks to pioneer telemedicine in Africa.

Our Artificial Intelligence Research and Strategy

Bisa has an AI-powered chatbot and machine learning algorithm that enhances our capabilities to provide personalised, real-time healthcare support. Our new system update will addresses various challenges by providing instant, personalised, and data-driven support. Our new system update has an AI powered algorithm that analyses user data, offering personalised health, nutrition, and mental health plans. Beyond individual interactions, our solution benefits healthcare providers and community health workers, enhancing their support capabilities.

Care for Everyone

Our mobile health application allows the public to ask a doctor a question through text chat and audio messages. This makes it easier for the public to ask a doctor a question with their mobile device. Our platform also gives the public information about laboratory centers where they could get tested for illnesses and diseases. Our platform allows administrators to easily generate reports based on data we are getting whilst maintaining doctor patient confidentiality.