Our technology

Users can download the Bisa health application onto their smartphones and this allows them to send health related questions to doctors. Users can also send images of the areas they are concerned about as well as audio & video messages to our doctors. Questions are answered between 2 hours to 24 hours. The mobile application does not only address the problem of access to medical attention from qualified doctors, but also helps in the prevention and spread of diseases by providing up-to-date healthcare  information on the epidemiology and pathogenesis of common diseases. For users without smart phones, there is a USSD shortcode and text message line that can be used to send queries to our doctors. We have a call center that allow users to speak to a doctor via a toll free number.

Using the data gathered on the Bisa Health platform, whilst adhering to doctor – patient confidentiality, health experts will be able to detect outbreaks of diseases at an early stage and decision makers can also implement health policies that will improve healthcare delivery to people and communities. Bisa is a social enterprise to help drive the public healthcare delivery agenda in Ghana and Senegal.