Bisa Covid-19 Response

The BISA app currently serves as an opportunity for users to receive health information on the COVID-19 pandemic, check their symptoms and receive expert advice. The Bisa health application currently serves as a platform for the Ghana Health Service to follow up on COVID-19 patients being treated at home and also provides psychological support to survivors and health workers.
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Social Distancing.

Make sure you are at least six feet away from a person to avoid contact with the virus.

Always wear a mask.

Be sure to always have a face/nose mask on whenever you go outside.

Wash your hand with soap and running water.

Always wash your hand with soap and running water regularly.

Sanitize your hands regularly.

In the absence of soap and water, be sure to have an alcohol based sanitizer to sanitize your hands regularly.

Protecting against Covid-19

Since the outbreak of the disease in January 2020, the Bisa teams in both Ghana and Senegal have been providing educational information about COVID-19 in Ghana and Senegal.

How much do you know about

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Download Bisa today to get reliable information on the Covid-19 Virus

Bisa in partnership with the Ghana Health Service seeks to bring to the general public relevant information and statistics of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Get on Bisa now.