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It seems to me that last time I was looking, Paprika wasn’t a viable option, and I can’t remember why. Most people will probably only need a total of two — one desktop and one mobile option. Cloud syncing is free for all users, so if you have, say, the Windows and Android versions, you can sync your recipes between the two.

I suspect the world does not need another smartphone camera app. Most built-in software does a fine job, and Instagram’s filters take photos to the next level. Serious food photographers, always trying to squeeze a few more likes from their oozing cheeseburger pics, know to go to apps like VSCO and Snapseed for even more controls. So it was with great trepidation that I approached "Foodie" . Maintains audit trail of recipe changesCustom features can be added to EIRMS. In one case, eInnoSys staff had added creation of recipes/jobs at steppers to the Recipe Management System. A simple yet beautiful digital “cookbook” conveniently divided into sections, with an elegant look and feel.

  • Furthermore, in order to deliver such high write speeds, Kingston has implemented a decently sized dynamic SLC write cache to absorb inbound requests.
  • That equates to a 500 MBps bump in read/write performance at the 500GB capacity and 300/700 MBps read/write improvement at the 1TB and 2TB capacities.
  • With a PCIe 3.0 x4 link, the company rates them to deliver sequential performance of up to 3.5/2.9 GBps read/write and hit upwards of 375,000/300,000 random read/write IOPS, a what is the latest version of SUPER significant boost over the previous model.

After all, as anyone who likes to cook will tell you, recipes are more than just a list of cooking instructions. Recipes are our memories, our topics of conversation, our ways of expressing ourselves, and our daily companions. I searched for an app to help, but I couldn’t find one that suited my needs. Most apps came with their own recipes, while I wanted a place for my own. Some expected me to actually type in all those recipes one by one – seriously?!? Others did allow you to capture a photo of your recipes, but did not allow you to save ones from the web . Eliminate those stacks of cookbooks and recipe organizers from your kitchen and store your favorite recipes in the app.

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Yummly is a web-based meal planner with a massive database containing millions of recipes. As you favorite specific entries, Yummly will recommend recipes based on your tastes. While you can use Yummly in your phone’s mobile browser, there is also a Yummly app for iOS and Android. Sort your grocery lists by recipe or category to make shopping faster.

The only downside to me when adding recipes is that images can’t be dragged-and-dropped. Instead, the image has to be downloaded, then directly uploaded to the software. For years, I’ve been using Living Cookbook software from Radium Technologies, and I love it. 1) It’s Windows-only software, which is tying me to this operating system. 2) More significantly, a year or so ago, Radium Technologies apparently went quietly defunct, and they are no longer developing or supporting the software.

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Which is a real problem…so I’ve had to find something new, and figure out how to organize my recipes on my computer all over again. The interface is a bit more suited for recipes, and the Springpad web clipper can tell a recipe from an article or a bookmark. It’ll auto-populate your clipping with ingredients and step-by-step instructions, and then leaves you to tag it, add photos, and save it. Once you do, it’ll even look up a wine pairing that would go well with the dish and add it to your saved recipe, automatically.