Civilization hit the world like a freight train and soon everything was changing so fast; slavery stopped and technology took over, medicine evolved and man ventured into space. Man always celebrated his victories and as the years flew by, man found more reasons to celebrate and with more celebration came more carelessness and let’s just say we all get the picture.

If you however did not get the picture then all I am driving at is “let’s talk about sex”, specifically STD’s. There really isn’t any nice or easy way to talk about sex. Although, how it feels may be different from how we talk about it. Sex is very pleasurable but just like all things pleasurable, it can lead to unwanted situations. Pregnancy is your least worry when it comes to sex, STDs is more problematic.

STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases, for a start you only increase your chances of getting it when you have sex. STDs are infections passed from one person to another during sexual contacts. For a fact all forms of sex can get you STDs- oral, anal, vaginal, name it, as long as it is sexually related, you might be on the freight train to STDs. The symptoms of STDs are usually not visible for a long time but the effect they have on your health is drastic. There are very few ways of ensuring that you are STD free

  • Abstain from sex
  • Practice safe sex; use condom -although not hundred percent proof, many will testify to the number of times it has saved them 😉
  • Get tested – trust in one’s sexual partner is not enough. The best way to ensure safety is a medical confirmation from a professional.

Let’s face it, abstaining from sex can be difficult but you can always make sure you are clean and good for years to come by getting tested and getting treatment as soon as possible.

There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases and over the course of this month, we will be going through them one after the other. We will learn about their symptoms and their effect. We will also learn how to protect ourselves and our sexual partners.

Sources:, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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