Is an issue that must be continually addressed. Most people are concerned with love matters, so far as they are happy nothing else matters. Love surpasses all, but not in all cases, it sometimes try but not overcome everything.

Occasionally, I found it amazed that most elites are still ignorant of their pre wedding medical tests.
The joy of being in love and going into matrimony knows no bounds.
Disappointments and frustrations are the hallmark after getting to know their partner’s health conditions which have been known before entering into the lifelong commitment, which could have been identified and tackled before marriage.
Getting to know your partner’s health status doesn’t mean that marriage is impossible, but it gives you the opportunity of making informed decisions and enable you and your partner seek proper medical care early to prevent any stress and unnecessary
burden during marriage.

These are the test needed to be done before marriage

The Genotype Test
This is one of the most important tests to do. It helps to know your sickling cell status which are in the form of AA, AS, SS, AC or SC. Is advisable that this test be done at beginning of the relationship to prevent future heartaches.
Sickle cell patient (SS) is advisable not to marry a sickle cell carrier (AS) because of the 50 percent chance of having a baby with the disease in each pregnancy.
Moreover, a sickle cell patient(SS) can marry an individual with no trait of the disease (AA) as their children will only become carrier of the sickle cell genes.
AS and AS individuals shouldn’t marry because of 25 percent chance of having a baby with the disease.
But in case there is a mutual agreement of not having children they are good to go.

Blood Group And Rhesus Factor
Blood group is categorized into A, B, AB and O with a component known as the Rhesus Factor which is referred to as positive (+) and negative (-). Women at with Rhesus negative blood group ,married to a Rhesus positive husbands have greater chance of Rhesus incompatibility, where during pregnancy, the woman develop antibodies(body defense mechanisms) to fight against the red blood cells of the growing baby in the womb, if it takes the father’s positive rhesus blood group, leading to intrauterine death and miscarriages(abortion). Knowledge of your partner’s blood group will alert your doctor to implement preventive measures to prevent any complications during pregnancy.

Fertility Test
Fertility test is again one of the must do before going to the altar. Since issues on infertility are rampaging and so it is very important to do fertility test because issues on that can be addressed as early as possible. The test involves; Seminal analysis for men
Hormonal assay for both partners
Test for ovulation for women
Pelvic ultrasound scan to assess the internal reproductive organs for any congenital or acquired abnormalities.

HIV , Hepatitis B&C and other STIs
HIV and other sexually transmitted infections are currently prevalent. Partners should screen themselves for this diseases before marriage. HIV and Hepatitis B&C are lifelong conditions that if not properly managed can put serious strain on the marriage. The knowledge of knowing your status and that of your partner helps to protect your self or seek medical care if it turns out to be positive and also decide to go ahead with the marriage.
Other sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhoea, syphilis,warts bacterial vaginosis etc should be treated with proper medical care to prevent the risk of infertility and miscarriages.

Science is more improved and advanced, and there is success in the treatments, it shouldn’t be a big deal go test yourselves now.

By Ophelia Kamason


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