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When burning love become a  medical condition on your honeymoon. Ouch!. It began when she started feeling sick and sexual intercourse become a painful act. Honeymoon Disease (Cystitis ), which is known as Urinary Tract Infection is the cause.  Females are more prone to this disease than males because their urethra are shorter than that of the males. It basically develops, when a woman have sexual intercourse for the first time or have sexual intercourse again after a long period of time ( and also having sex every other day ). Bacteria such as E. Coli which normally lives in the anus get into the urethra via penile thrusting.

The urethra become bruise, irritated and inflamed which makes it easier for the bacteria to invade the urethra and then the bladder, it starts to replicate leading to infection after sexual intercourse. However, aside it occurring after sexual intercourse, Honeymoon Disease can also start when an unclean fingers, or other object is inserted from the anus into the vagina where the bacteria are introduced there and also wiping from back to front instead of front to back ie, from the vulva to the anus after bowel movement or urinating are also at higher risk of the infection.

urinary-tract-infection-cystitis-diseaseIn addition, it presents itself with burning and painful urination, urge to urinate frequently, urine is cloudy or blood tinged and also pains above the pubic bone. Generally, the symptoms start a day or two after the bacterium is introduced into the urethra and then the bladder.
Most importantly, some simple precautions can help ensure that,the disease does not occur such as, urinate immediately after sexual intercourse to flush out the bacteria from the urethra. Drinking at least two liters of water a day is important to help flush out the bacteria and prevent proliferation which occurs when urine is concentrated.
When cleaning after bowel movement, it is recommended that wiping is done from the front to the back.
When ready to resume penis- vagina sex, consider applying a water based lubricant to the vagina area to ease penetration and avoid abrasions from occurring.
Avoid using any deodorant, vagina spray or a strong femine intimate washes that could irritate the delicate lining of the vagina.
The use of condoms is not guaranteed to prevent infection from occurring.
Avoid drinking too much coffee, soda and citrus juice which can tend to irritate the bladder.
Drinking cranberry juice on regular basis may tend to prevent bacteria from sticking on the wall of the bladder. However, cranberry cannot actually cure an existing bladder infection once they are acquired.
Importantly, treatment is based on a proper diagnosis through examination of the urine sample at the laboratory. A specimen of urine is taking midstream ( urinating first, then catch the middle sample of the urine in a specimen bottle ). Where the vulva is wipe clean of secretions, the bacteria is looked out for and its quantified number per high power field. Then the doctor can advised on the proper treatment ( antibiotics ) for the disease.

A gynecologist should be seen for further treatment if the infection recurs. Now the burning love of the luxurious honeymoon is accomplished taking into consideration this health tip.

By Ophelia Kamason

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