1. Close to 4 million young people are living with HIV globally. (UNAIDS)
  1. What makes young people more vulnerable to HIV infection? 
  • Only 31.5% young people have correct knowledge about HIV transmission
  • Unprotected sex is the most common cause of HIV infection among young people, followed by sharing of infected needles.Young girls and women are particularly at risk.
  • Young people tend to experiment with sexual and drug-related behaviours, increasing their risk to HIV infection.
  • Young people and adolescents are generally unaware of their HIV status.
  • Young persons of today may have been born with HIV. In 2013, an estimated 240,000 children were infected with HIV from their mother during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.
  1. How can young people prevent HIV?
  • Using Condoms – Use a latex male or female condom in every sexual act. Condoms also protect from sexually transmitted infections. It is important to use condoms correctly and consistently.
  • Abstaining from sex and/or avoiding multi-partner sex.
  • Not sharing needles or syringes. Staying away from drugs.
  • Seeking correct knowledge about HIV & AIDS.
  • Taking an HIV test. Knowing your HIV status early helps.
  • Committing to ending HIV related stigma and discrimination.

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  1. Why should young people in Ghana be concerned?
  • Condom use among young men 15-24 years with two or more sexual partners decreased from 42% in 2008 to 34.2% in 2014.
  • HIV testing is low among young persons. Only one in ten young person has ever taken an HIV test.
  • Young women are more at risk. In general, to every male there are 3 females living with HIV in Africa.
  • Transactional and inter-generational sex exposes many women especially young women and adolescent girls to HIV infection.

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  1. What should young people do?
  • Know about HIV and AIDS and spread the word.
  • Take an HIV test and know your status.
  • If HIV positive, you can access treatment, and live a healthy and productive life.
  • Remember! People living with HIV have rights… to get treatment, to employment …to a dignified life.



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