The BISA Health Application (BISA) is intended for health information enquiries only. Information provided by our service is not intended to replace a consultation with an appropriately qualified health professional, as we cannot guarantee that information provided will meet your specific health or medical requirements.

BISA is not suitable for managing a medical emergency, an acute condition or any condition that should reasonably require face-to-face analysis, diagnosis or treatment, or for sourcing any product or service urgently.

Our volunteer Practitioners will use their best endeavours to respond to your health queries based on the information you provide, however, they shall not prescribe any medication for your condition.

By using BISA, you agree that BISA shall not be held responsible for any ensuing implications and shall be absolved from all lawsuits. Users are to use their discretion as to what they do with the answers provided to their queries.

BISA may use the queries delivered through the Application to produce reports in order to monitor and develop the service. The data will be anonymous and no user will be identified.