Vaginal Bleeding In Pregnancy Continued

Second Trimester
Bleeding from the placenta ( placenta is a vascular structure inside a pregnant uterus, which supplies the baby with nourishment through the connecting umbilical cord from maternal blood circulation ). This bleeding is painless and result from the abnormal location of the placenta at the lower part of womb lying partially or completely over the internal cervical opening instead of normally located at the upper part of the womb. The bleeding is usually after 20 weeks of pregnancy and is known as placenta praevia. There are different degrees of this condition but they all require an ultrasound scan for accurate diagnosis. To prevent risk to the baby, the condition might require bed rest, and a Caesarean section, if the placenta remains over the cervix in the remaining weeks of pregnancy

Placenta Abruptio is the premature separation of a normally situated placenta from the walls of the womb. It could be partial or complete separation with generalised severe pains and heavy bleeding. The bleeding might be visible or concealed in the womb, making it tensed, tight, hard to touch and very painful. Smoking, high blood pressure and kidney problems in pregnancy increase the risk of this condition. It requires urgent admission to the hospital.

Premature labour, vaginal bleeding may be a sign of labour. A few weeks before labour begins, a plug of mucus at internal opening of the cervix which prevent ascending infections dislodges with some blood before 37 weeks of pregnancy with other signs like painful regular contractions, backaches and increased pelvic pressure.

opheliaaaSome precautions has to be noted when this condition happen in any stage of pregnancy
. Contact your health care provider immediately.
. All soiled pads should be taken along to the hospital to help in the diagnosis.
. Should always wear a perineal pad not a tampon, so that you can monitor how much you are bleeding with clots or tissues.
. Douching is not acceptable.
. Do not have sexual intercourse, if you are currently bleeding.

By Ophelia Kamason

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