Wondering how to care for the cord of your newborn baby? Is just simple and easy, let’s have a look at it

Firstly, did you know that the cord usually dries and fall off in about seven to twenty-one days after delivery, leaving a small wound that takes a few days to heal? Yes, it thus.

Before cleaning the cord, make sure your hands are clean; washed with soap and water and items used in cleaning the cord are clean and safe to use.

Always keep the stump ( base) of the cord clean and dry. Don’t cover it with a diaper but rather place it on the diaper after putting it on the baby to prevent it getting wet. The cord must be always exposed to air as often as possible.

Sponge bathe ( top and tail ) the baby until the cord is off before you can bath the baby in a tub. But if the baby has a tub bath, gently dab the cord stump dry, do not rub it dry to prevent irritation

If the weather is favorable, dress your baby in a free and loss dress to enhance air circulation around the body to aid in drying of the cord.

Allow the cord to heal naturally, refrain from picking and pulling it off, even if it is hanging.

Application of traditional concussions must be avoided, it tends to cause infections and irritate the baby.

Watch the cord for any signs of infections like
. Base of the cord appearing reddish and swollen
. Cord bleeding continuously
. Yellowish or whitish pus oozing out
. Produces a foul smell
. Baby cries a lot when being touched by the cord or skin around the cord
. Body temperature is high
. Poor feeding
With these signs don’t waste time seeking medical attention.

By Ophelia Kamason


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