Foetal heart rate was weak not audible with inconsistent rhythm, uterine contractions was excessive and amniotic fluid was green (meconium stained) and offensive. As Audrey was assessed, who was in labour. Upon further management a few minutes after the initial assessment, she had the urge to push. The cervix was fully dilated. That was the first time blow for me ‘STILLBIRTH’. A beautiful baby girl is gone, nursing interventions were resorted to revive the baby but to no avail. It was a big blow for Audrey and the husband for losing a child again but this time a girl, very hurtful.
What could have been the cause of this stillbirth? In her case, it was SELF MEDICATING IN PREGNANCY. She took enema concoctions repeatedly some few weeks to put to bed in order to hasten the delivery period and to lessen the the birth pains, but turned out otherwise.

No pregnancy is completed without any minor ailments and no labour without pains, there are bunch of them. Have you thought it could happen to you. Don’t wait to experience it, it’s nothing good to write home about.

These minor ailments in pregnancy can be managed effectively by taking in prescribed medications by a qualified professional doctor or midwife and some are managed without the need of taking in any medication and you are good to go. Taking in enema or drinking concoctions and even purchasing multivitamins over the counter by not been prescribed is very harmful, because of incorrect dosage of such medicines will not cure and will prolong recovery. Overdose may damage vital organs like the liver.
Some medications have teratogenic effect which adversely affect the developing baby in the womb.

Aside stillbirth been a complication of self medication in pregnancy,
There is higher chances of miscarriages and if the complications are severe, it can affect negatively your chances of conception as well.

It can hinder the normal growth and development of the baby in the womb during any stage of pregnancy.

It can also end up in fistulas in the woman during labour. Since such medicines increase uterine contractions excessively leading to precipitate labour

Misdiagnosis of illness, a minor health issue which could be resolved easily with the doctor’s advice may become a major problem over time.

It can lead to addiction.
Never ignore to let your healthcare provider know about anything bordering you on your health issues.
Follow all precautionary measures regardless of each ailments to prevent the need for higher doses of medications.

Detection of complication due to self medication in pregnancy can be managed within the first of the baby’s life but the damage or flaws might remain for life.
So is very important to opt for the doctor’s or midwife’s approval and prescriptions when pregnant.

By Ophelia Kamason

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